Monday, November 4, 2013

the hardest letter to write

You don't send an email for a sympathy note. 
No, ma'am.
You put pen to paper.
You sit and think.
Open your Bible.
Find any journals to pull from for quotes or even prayers for the family.

This morning I sent  6 sympathy cards in the mail.
This had weighed heavy on my heart. Three funerals  and I wasn't able
to go to any.  Crafting comfort words is hard. I watched my daughter
and husband stop with pen in hand and think. Each had short full sentences
right to the heart of the person we were writing. These words are to comfort. 

Next hardest is Thank You notes. You have to reach in again to 
find words , not common ones, to present a  bouquet of gratitude before the 
person you are writing. This writing is to bless.

Least hardest is Birthday cards. I wrote one of those this morning, also.
It can be hard but the card was great from Trader Joe's. This cousin
always makes me laugh so I had to find a funny one.  You know you
must make a birthday card signficant. You are paying almost 50 cents

My mailbox was full as the mailman came by this morning.
I did have one letter in the stack of my mail.
From the birthday cousin!


podso said...

This is so beautifully written, and takes me back to Sunday's sermon a week ago. Love that photo too.

tonia said...

You have SUCH a gift for blessing through letters. I am just astonished and inspired by it.