Monday, September 9, 2013


The weekend was wonderful.
Son and wife from Tenn. came home for the weekend,
for a wedding. 
So all but the two in the UK were here. 
Oh, they are having fun. Got into Parliament today after standing in the
rain with all the crowds. They were the last to be picked. 
David Cameron, Prime Minister, arrived late because he was meeting
with John Kerry about Syria. 

We also got to the Greek Festival near downtown yesterday. 
I love the Drive Thru ( a table on a side street ) ...and still eating
 on the salad, lamb, and gyro.
Plus we had watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding friday night to 
get ready  for this wedding. My oldest was one of the 
best men. There were two best men plus 7 brothers : 6 of the groom and 
1 of the bride. 

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Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Sounding very international in this post! Yummy gyros; my mouth is watering.