Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A great poet passed away

Seamus Heaney  died suddenly on August 30th. I was quite sad when
I heard the news. Watched the funeral online yesterday from Dublin.
Watched as Bono and his wife came in . The actress who played Mr Bates'
crazy wife who someone killed was there. It was so full of beauty for Ireland's
poet who was like Scotland's Robert Burns. He kept memory alive for place,
home, marriage, ordinary things of life. Today, my students read his poems
out loud. They picked certain ones because the poems brought back their
own memories of blackberry picking, etc.....

Noone has read any of my favorites. We'll see on Thursday.

Beowulf's translator, Nobel Prize winner ,  and a voice not to be heard again. The writing is over.
His last words to his wife were : Noli Temeris .... do not be afraid.
The last song played by his request at the funeral was Brahms' Lullaby on the cello.

                                            Seamus and his wife

                                               my favorites

                                                Bono and his wife

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