Friday, September 27, 2013

It just was a beautiful Friday

I must say that everyone here where I live said " Isn't it gorgeous outside."
September wore her most lovely dress today!

Now I almost forgot to read BLOGS this week. Have to check in with 
some friends and family. Blogs  bring refreshment to my heart. Doesn't 
it yours? Thank you all for writing and posting thoughts and funny 
stories and very , very dear ones and teaching me.

 Hearts are opened . We look in  and somehow over this machine,
                                          a knot is tied. 


                                               Wasn't she adorable? 
                                       I am not sure where this was either!


Amber Benton said...

So, Emma! Yes, lovely days..sweet September,

podso said...

Sweet Emma! Love your words today.

Bronwyn said...

Hi Bonnie, That is Emma as I remember her. I have loved reading your blog which I recently found. It's like getting to see you.~Bronwyn