Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet 16

      Back to back weekends of travel: this time to Georgia.

      We celebrated again ( also in NY) and this time with a cake. 
      You know  how birthdays  can be. You know, celebrating over and over again.
      Sweet 16 is a special one. Her aunt surprised her! 

      We also had a party  for my husband's  mother: 78. 
      She had cupcakes with flowers and balloons on top. So cute. 
      From Publix , which we don't have here but one is coming soon.
      They have good bakeries. 



      We also saw these painting in Atlanta at the High Museum:

                                          The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer

                                              Rembrandt's Simeon's Song of Praise
                           Rembrandt made this painting in 1631 when he was about 25 and still living in Leiden. 
                                                                    Looks here for a good close up 
                                    plus more from the exhibit if you love Dutch painters.

                                                        Rembrandt's Self-portrait 

I was struck by beauty and stood before Rembrandt's paintings almost in tears. They
were so beautiful.I did well up at  Simeon's Song of Praise.The frame had  Simeon's Lofzang  
One Dutch word for Song of Praise.  His white collar too........ get close, You can see 
every detail. Beyond words. Took my breath away. . 


Amber Benton said...

Beautiful! LOVE the High....happy birthday, Emma!

podso said...

Happy 16th to Emma, a little late, but certainly 16 should be celebrated all of July! I'm sure it was amazing to see the girl with the pearl ... you are traveling a lot this summer!