Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th

                                                  Years ago down the street

Just here with my daughter. Various reasons especially that my husband went to 
see his mom and we are going at the end of the month for her birthday. So it is 
Emma and a daughter-in-law whose husband is working on this holiday to keep the city 
safe, FOR DINNER.  SO far, we are having Trader Joe's no nitrate all beef  hot dogs
wrapped in biscuit mix. We had a taste at the store on Tuesday so there was our 4th of July dinner. I am not much on Hot Dogs and didn't serve them much to my family but it seemed easy and 
different especially since my "griller" is gone.  I just finished coleslaw a la Tyler Florence 
and added fresh parsley and dill. Easy. Used fresh cabbage from the farmer's market. 
I've been using cabbage more and more. A little bit here and a little bit there. 
Good for you.

Squash and some onion stirfried in a pan.
Salad, do we need an avocado and blueberries and almonds on lettuce? 
(had it for lunch and it was yummy) 

Brownies , very American, for dessert a la mode.

Wish you were here with us girls. 

Looking up recipes made me remember 101 Cookbooks or Farmgirl Fare or Jamie Oliver
Would like a slice of Jamie Oliver's  4th of July NY Cheesecake. 
Might find something to add.

Happy Birthday to our country. 

To honor an American family of painters: The Wyeths

                                           Patriot's Barn by Jamie Wyeth


melissa said...

I do so adore you...not kidding. :)

Bonnie said...

I adore you too.
Kids, homelife, books, handwork , gardening, herbs, and chickens!
Must have forgotten some things:
your love of words and your great writing!

Bonnie said...
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