Monday, July 8, 2013

Small, good things

IN the Paris Review:

Read here.

Have you read this book by this author  that is mentioned in the excellent article:

The stories of J. F. Powers are cluttered with cassocks and communion rails, including a debate over the merits of wood and glass chalices in the book of papal denunciations that Brother Titus reads to Father Didymus in “Lions, Harts, Leaping Does.”


melissa said...

I've put some of his on hold at the library, but not sure if I got this one. Was able to quickly pick up an Andre Dubus. Wasn't he mentioned in that article too?

I'm such a glutton. Mention an author, and I'm like a monster, looking for it. :) Thanks for feeding me!

Bonnie said...

Letting me know what you think. Sometimes I find I am pleased and sometimes not. You know what I mean, for sure , you do!