Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roots Sink Deep

Another Buckingham  has started a blog:

Roots Sink Deep : Embracing the Ordinary

She wrote me  letters during her courtship with my son:
the middle son of  5.
Her letters made me cry with joy. 
I knew she knew this son was the one.
I was hoping he would ask. 
" If he asked, I'd be his."
He did and they got married almost a year ago: a few weeks from now. 

Enjoy her writing of ordinary that is extraordinary. 
She will bless you. 

In proper of theme of this journal ” embracing the ordinary”  A hot shower, water beating across my tired face- never ceases to impress me. The water, it washes away the day and leaves one feeling baptized in warmth. May I never grow cold, to the warm gift of hot water. 

This other Buckingham needs to get back to writing:
Swimming in the Breeze.
She did write a current events blog this year. 
It was called: Lollapalooza.

Don't you like all the title names?!!
I do.

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