Monday, December 17, 2012

The week before Christmas

Irving Berlin's A White Christmas is on while the tree gets clothed. She is bright 
with lights but bare with her decor! We needed a tall guy to reach up high so now 
#4 son is home. We spent the weekend celebrating the White Coat Ceremony of 
a new daughter-in-law.  So proud of her ! It is a beautiful trip over the Appalachains
 to where they live. No snow but it was misty and foggy coming over the high elevations

I am halfway done with Anna Karenina. 
Then , I want to watch as many film versions. 
It all started with Joe Wright's movie starring Keira Knightley. 
It helped to have seen it when I started the book. 
Although I do have different images in my mind  of the main characters rather than
 Keira or Jude Law.

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