Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All is calm

A hush is upon the house this late at night. 
The hustle and bustle of today's comings and goings have ended.
It was the last day of class with Poetry Recitations and Christmas Poem Readings.
Book of Centuries were displayed. Thesis paper topics brainstormed as we 
look ahead to January. Until then, Christmas is upon us in two weeks. 
We hummed Handel's Messiah all day Monday. Two performances this past weekend~
I am very intrigued to read John Newton's sermons  ( 50) on Handel's masterpiece.

I wish I had a book instead of a screen to read them.
Must see about that......

The AMEN chorus still rings and sings and lifts and brings tears to my eyes.. 
I am sort of jealous of my husband and daughter singing the parts.
I could hear the Amens in Revelation. It will be that glorious one day.

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