Saturday, October 13, 2012

thoughts today

Thinking and praying today after the week:

~ praising God for the beauty of the earth, mainly the skies here in NC. It is a blue that is clear and pristine. 
~ bad news: Jonathan Dailey's body found in the river in Boston. He is my daughter's choir director's nephew.
It has darkened the blue skies. God is good are the words
strengthening the family.
~thinking about FB during this election season. I read some words in unbelief that someone can believe the way they do. 
This is people I know. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, for without God , I would think that way. 
~ thanking God for my students this year. We are almost to Fall Break. This guy is back from Sabbatical and we have the most amazing lectures on Modernity.  What GKC said is most important: The most extraordinary thing is a ordinary man and his ordinary wife and his ordinary children. 
The way to change the world. 
~friends. SO thankful.
~ worship. Looking forward to that tomorrow. Heard this guy two weeks ago and this lady last week. Should be normal tomorrow!

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