Saturday, October 6, 2012


 A new book by Kevin Belmonte tweaked my interest  to read for a review with Book Sneeze. Kevin has written wonderful books on Chesterton which  I have given  as gifts. This book is subtitled: A Fascinating History of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. The first part of the book is on Scripture's miracles and Part Two is on God's People. Kevin starts the chapter on Corrie Ten Boom :
     When I was a boy, my first real sense of the miraculous came from stories my mother read to me of Corrie Ten Boom, who had been imprisoned by the Nazis along with her entire family for their work in the Dutch underground hiding Jewish refugees who sought to escape internment in the death camps Germany had established. 

The biographies range from Augustine  to George Washington to Joy Lewis ( not C.S,) to Cyde Kilby. I found several new and refreshing insights on their live. I didn't know Clyde Kilby ( who wrote on all the Inklings) had John Piper as a student. Piper wrote : 

     It was an unforgetable lecture. I went to hear him that night because I loved him. He had been one of my professors in English Literature at Wheaton College. He opened my eyes to more of life than I know could be seen. O , what eyes he had! He was like his hero, C.S. Lewis, in this regard. When he spoke of he tree he saw on the way to wondered why you had been so blind all your life?

A good writer inspires you to imagine, think, and wonder.
I have some new authors to read from the book. 
This Kevin did in Miraculous: A Fascinting History of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. 

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