Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn : giving thanks

It has been one of the most beautiful weeks with Autumn colors and the cool mornings 
changing to warm afternoons. Two of my days have been full. Up to the top. 
You know like drinking off the overflow before it spills over. Somehow joy  is brought
when we give out even when we feel like a day is pressed. Somehow the  sparkles seep through the cracks and light shows us the place we are in. I'm at the end of such a day and am surprised by timing. 

 I was told to look for an old book in a thrift store and I saw it Tuesday.  I didn't buy it.
But I thought yesterday  about who the author was. Wilberforce called her witty. He knew her.
She was one of the Clapham Society. Her name kept running through my mind and I 
wondered why I didn't buy her book for 12.00. Who would pass up a book by someone who knew Wilberforce and fought alongside against slavery? Was I stupid?!! Most paperbacks today are way over 12.00. This was a first edition. Old. Yellowed but readable. 

 So today , I ran into the shop while Emma was at piano lesson.The book was still on the shelf: Hints towards Forming Character or a Young Princess by Hannah More  ( 1818) and next to Caesar's Gallic Wars. ( which I also got for 3.00. Published in 1886). Then I looked around  to find a wide crinoline for 1.00! We went from piano to a Costume Check  for Little Women musical (next Feb) Emma is in. She   has  my sister's wedding dress crinoline but this one poofed out much larger to make her post Civil War ballroom dancing dress almost hooped!

I feel blessed. 


podso said...

Love this, Bonnie. Your writing is beautiful! You describe the week well. I think our weather will begin changing next week.

walking said...

What beautiful finds!!!!