Friday, June 22, 2012

Today feels like Friday!

Everyday this week and last week and the week before felt like friday : the day that ushers in the weekend. So all those weeks felt like a long , long weekend.  Today feels like Friday. This morning was  garden time: planting some green and red peppers  and watering, watering. Summer heat came with the solstice. Now cleaning and then will take a swim. But I'm stuck on this author:

                    Janet Marsh, studio on the River Test, Wherwell, Hampshire

Nancy had posted a  wonderful book that I found and arrived in the mail. I'm reading it and fascinated.

The gorgeous illustrated and written book ( from the Itchen Valley in Hampshire)  gave me curiousity  to look up    Janet Marsh and follow a trail on the internet:

March House Books  

One day, when we’ve saved enough pennies, we’ll actually walk through the door, and buy all the things that we’ve longed for – but just now, we are both rather poor!
plus their website 

The World From My Window
writes about life in a typical English village - or tales from England's rural underbelly!

The Children's War  
books about WWII 

Janet's books:

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Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I adore that shop window painting! So Elizabeth Goudge....