Friday, June 1, 2012


I've had my head stuck into Charlotte Mason's series this week as I get ready for Childlight USA next week. 

So do you find yourself in books, blogs, facebook, twitter ........ then you have an afternoon coffee/tea ( I had a tea latte) yesterday and realize how special it is to talk. Eye to eye.
 A dear friend who we skype in to our Book Club is home for a month from Austria. ( missions) You know the times when God is in the presence like He did say: when two or more are gathered. That was yesterday. 

I will see a few more blogging/CM friends ( do any of the others have blogs?) next week. Last time that the conference is closeby in NC. We will have much time with the keynote speaker: Makoto Fujimura.

Have you heard his Graduation Speeches from last weekend at Biola University? Here and here

                                       Columbine Flowers


podso said...

Yesterday was wonderful , a serendipity, a gift from God. And you have much ahead of you to look forward to!

walking said...

It was so lovely to see you again and see Emma as well. I wish we could have chatted more. I had to be more secluded because Pamela needed her downtime!