Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in town for the wedding week

Back from the Childlight Conference and this is the wedding  week. You think all is taken care of but it is the week  suitcases get packed, lists are checked , and errands still are being run. We are going up to the NC mountains for this wedding.

It was surreal to be with Makoto Fujimura.
Yes, with him, my husband and my daughter.
( no verb in that sentence!! ) More on that but it is the week of a son's wedding !!!  

at the Children's Museum in Rock Hill, SC with the pony tail of my daughter, a friend/ artist from my church and Mako looking at the design. 

at Dominique Verechia & Carlee Lingerfelt's studio in Rock Hill, SC

lunch at the Crotts home with Makoto

Today's WORD A DAY is REDOUND. I meditated on  this verse last week and again this week :  James Moffatt's version of Eph 1: 8- 13:

So richly has God lavished upon us his grace, ...................to make us redound to the praise of his glory by being the first to put our hope in Christ. 

 ( Can you believe this is TODAY'S WORD!)
with Anu Garg



verb intr.:
1. To contribute to (someone's credit, honor, etc.).
2. To come back upon

From Old French redonder (to overflow), from Latin redundare (to overflow), from red-/re- (back) + undare (to surge). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wed- (water, wet), which also gave us water, winter, hydrant, redundant, otter, and vodka. Earliest documented use: before 1382. 

I am redounding!
 ( colors for the wedding : cornflower blue and sunflower yellow) 


melissa said...

Yes, redounding and overflowing with your week, for sure. A blessing for you in the midst of wedding plans. So happy for you. :)

podso said...

I spot Mary! Bonnie I can't wait to hear more. What a summer you are having! What a year, actually! I look forward to seeing the wedding pics and will be there in thoughts and prayers.

debbie bailey said...

Lucky you! He's a very important artist for our time. AND he's a Christian. You don't find too many artists with that combination that are famous.

beth said...

I'm so thankful for all your hard work and vision that brought Mako to the conference. He inspired and encouraged. It was a real gift.

Hope you are putting your feet up and knitting or something else relaxing now!