Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Part 1.

In the midst of a rainy day that would have been a blizzard if it had been colder, I thought about time.
Don't you have a day's list of "things to be done" press upon you but the day becomes what the Lord has . A listening ear on the phone twice today. Meeting an old student to give her a recommendation for NC School of the Arts. Writing some letters. In the car , I listened  to Susan Macaulay as I took Emma  to piano and to choir practice and to biology.  Susan  said " look for a half an hour at least a few times a week to read and ponder the Word." A good reminder. She understands life. Busy life. 
Her voice brought a peacefulness to my soul. That is what happened when God called me to homeschool. He used her writing to do the same. I seem settled and calmer and life seems balanced  after listening to her English voice.

Listen to her free.

Part 2:

My students had fun writing their own verses like Billy Collins' Aristotle. You can listen here.
Try it yourself. 
The Beginning..... the Middle.....The  End.
Then you will never forget Aristotle ( Poetics) gave stories that structure! Seems simple but then the beginning of oral stories to written is a fascinating history. Of course, Billy Collins makes my students say : Let's write!


podso said...

Love this Bonnie. Such good everyday thoughts yet profound. And a new blog look for the new year! Nice!

walking said...

Thanks for the link to Susan's lectures! What a treasure! I can't wait to hear it.

Nancy Kelly said...

I always forget about those talks! Thanks for reminding me! Nice new look, too. What do you think of mine?