Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

 I read P.D. James' Time to Be Earnest years ago when it came out. I saw it on the library shelf  which meant it grabbed me. Have you ever had THAT happen with a book.
It is her memoir that she didn't want to write, even at 77. I wanted to have tea with this British author afterwards. Her voice had been a conversation and I listened.  I didn't have tea with her but what a good and living book does is make you feel like you did! There is an excellent talk at the very end she gave to the Jane Austen Society in England on EMMA as a Detective Story! Here in her latest book which she apologizes to Jane Austen for continuing onward into the lives of those in Pride and Prejudice.

  Death Comes To Pemberley  begins in the Prologue with : 

   "It was generally agreed by the female residents of Meryton that Mr. and Mrs. Bennet of Longbourn had been fortunate in the disposal in marriage of four of their five daughters."

Emma and I are sharing the library book. She's ahead and said today: " OH, you have that?" I've just begun. 

Don't you love a good book on the bedstand?!!


Nancy Kelly said...

I am looking forward to reading both of those!

And isn't it fun when your child reads in tandem with you?


beth said...

Ooooooh! I want to read this book! I heard P.D. James interviewed about it and loved hearing her thoughts on writing it.

Unknown said...

Those both look intriguing!

walking said...

I am looking forward to your report Bonnie! :-)

podso said...

mmmm wondering if the book could up for borrowing when the dynamic duo is finished. This reminds me of my dad reading the same book I was, though that was slightly annoying as he would have it in his hand, reading it, when I wanted it and I was a bit shy in insisting on him handing it over to me. I got so I would hide my books. :-)