Monday, January 2, 2012

Gladys Taber on Christmas

"I think most mothers get tired during the Christmas rush. I do. There is always a low moment when I fervently wish it were just over and I could SIT DOWN. I wish it were August. And nothing at all going on.
And yet, when the children say, "Thank you for a wonderful Christmas, best we ever had," and one child whispers, "this was just all I wanted - how did you know?" and one child curls up to read the book you have chosen so carefully, and one says, "we never had such a Christmas," suddenly then all the tiredness ebbs away, and a pure happiness floods in.
For in spite of the tinsel and wrappings and struggle over presents, we still have an idea, after all, that Christmas means giving some special joy, an unusual joy to someone. And that compensates for the commercialism which sometimes seems to threaten to engulf Christmas entirely."

( written in 1955)


Nan said...

Oh my gosh, Bonnie, I just posted this quote the other day! Great minds!

podso said...

Bonnie I thought you wrote this at first! I hope you are feeling refreshed!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely - all your blogs - and thanks for visiting mine. (I can't find an email for you or I would have directed you to other journaling pages. I don't think it's correct etiquette for me to mention them here but if you click back on the post you read (thanks for the comment) you'l find MY email address. Sorry for this message. I see you love books, and gardens and theatre .... so do I.