Monday, October 24, 2011

That owl was hungry

Our day with the OWL in our
yard this afternoon.

The OWL who sat on a branch
outside our back porch.

The OWL who had a mockingbird
mock him, swoop at him, and
chatter so much that HE was

The OWL who flew to our front
roof over the front porch. We
sat in Gordan's bedroom and
watched him get something
dead out of the gutter!

The OWL who then flew
to the magnolia tree and
stared at us. YOU know they
stare right at you.

The OWL who then had a
squirrel from his beak.

Back home 3 hours later,
he is sitting on a branch
of the Bradford pears at
the top of the driveway.

Emma hears a shriek.
The OWL is in the squirrel
nest up a pine tree. I yelled
up at him how BAD he was.
Third squirrel in 24 hours
in his beak.

Many FIRSTS to record!

( photos and a video were
taken! Stay tuned.)


beth said...

Oh. Wow!!!! Wish I'd seen that owl. How exciting to watch it up close like that. Can't wait to hear Emma's version!

Amber Benton said...

Ohhhh.... I just finished Squirrel Nutkin again with the littles. I think the younger two didn't remember it...What a sight that must have been!