Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Second Edition Preface

Charlotte Bronte did not write
a Preface to the first edition of
JANE EYRE. She did to the second.
She gives acknowledgements and
remarks in the Second Editon's
Preface , giving this at the end to
whom she dedicated the work:

Finally, I have alluded to Mr. Thackeray, because to him- if he will accept the tribute of a total stranger- I have dedicated this second edition of Jane Eyre. CURRER BELL.

I am starting reread Jane Eyre for
the 3rd time in my life. It's the next
Book Club in October!
I remember hearing Susan
Schaeffer Macaulay speak on Reading
and Literature with an admonition
to read Jane Eyre every decade!
I've missed a few but the first time
holds a great story . More on that to


melissa said...

It's my favorite book of all time. Really. :)

Oh, and so enjoy the look of your header. So artsy!

Bonnie said...

We love that sculpture of Degas because she has a real ribbon and a skirt of fabric. The contrast strikes with deep beauty. We don't even do ballet in this house!

debbie bailey said...

I just watched the new movie Jane Eyre. It was very atmospheric and beautiful, but I didn't like where the story started. It opened after she was supposed to marry Mr. Rochester but found out instead that he is already married. You find out the whole story through flashbacks. Sometimes I like that, but most of the time I just want them to tell the story straight.