Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IN a library stack

Listening to this tonight. Julie Andrews and her
daughter reading and talking! I wish I had a
young one to put to sleep listening! Fun poems
even some written by them.
Listen to Julie Andrews lovely articulation
( My Fair Lady) and accent!

Came home also with an old copy of
David McCord's poems. Illustrations
are whimsical and delightful.



Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The Julie Andrews CD sounds lovely. Somehow I never knew she has a daughter. Whimsical and delightful illustrations are sometimes the main reason I will buy a book. They are always treasures when found.

Nancy Kelly said...

Sorry to bother you, but I just tagged you for a homeschool meme. When you get a moment, I'd think everyone would love to hear your answers, oh fellow veteran homeschooler.

Here's the post:

Admiration, Hope and Love,