Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Great start to Beth's biology
class today. Emma came home
with so much to tell from her
first day . Delighted!
AND she is the only girl.
Sort of like her life with four
older brothers. Emma even said
Beth taught how Charlotte Mason
teaches with living books,
narration, etc.. so it will be a good
year in high school science.
Very lacking in my memory of
my high school experience.
I never feel in love with it but I know
I would if I were in Beth's class!
I'll read the books this year ~~
they are good ones. Thanks Beth.

For CM fans, check out
CM blog carnival with many links
from Amy who is headed to Peru
soon. Amy made me laugh alot
at the Childlight Conference so I've
tucked her in my heart for prayer.

Makes me think of this beautiful
quote from In this House of Brede
by Rumer Godden:

" We have you tucked in out sleeves,"
Dame Perpetua had written to the expectant
mother. 'In our sleeve.' and it was true.
Every nun had her personal post , a continual
stream of letters went out - 'lifelines' , many
people called them: each anchored in the
strength of prayer."


beth said...

Thanks for your kind words. I loved our class today and was soooo glad to see Emma again. Yes, she's in a class with all boys, but they're great boys and I figured she would not be bothered by that since that's been her life!

I LOVE the painting for your header and loved reading In This House of Brede. Oh, Bonnie, when are we going to have tea!

Nancy Kelly said...

And today I received the postcard- Twelfth Night! Indeed, a bit of a lifeline.
Sursum Corda,

amy in peru said...

Bonnie, you made my day brighter, thank you for your sweet words!

If only I were more poetic, I might have thought of Emily's poem. In that case, the title would definitely have been what I would've been thinking... all six words of it. That WAS my thought exactly, in it's all the way thought out state, but since I'm not poetic enough (I'm obviously word prolific enough ;), I was left with only one word... summer ;)

Things are winding down (or up... depending on how you look at it :) as we only have 9 1/2 days left... packing and saying goodbye is always bittersweet.

amy (almost) in peru

PS. thanks for saying hello and stopping by my place, it was so nice to have you :)

tonia said...

My I wish I could join the class! And the chance to meet both of you would be so precious. Bonnie, I listened to your ChildLight talk on poetry the other day and was so inspired to start reading it aloud again EVERY day. Thank you. Both you ladies are treasures.