Friday, August 26, 2011

August TEA

I'm listening to HEM
from NYC as I get ready
for a Summer TEA here in the
morning. NYC: a place which
should be bracing for the
hurricaine winds. I have a
nephew in Brooklyn who is
doing his residency.
This will be as fascinating
as my policeman son's stories!
He did a drug bust one night
this past week! He was surprised
the 20 year old confessed to growing
and selling that plant!

As the winds come by, we will
be having TEA in the morning
to kick off the year English Style.
Charlotte Mason would be pleased.
Many will share Impressions from
the Childlight Conference this past


podso said...

Have fun at your tea! If the deck still holds what it did, conversations will go towards help ... and someday look down my sidebar where I've put that gizmo for all time most read posts and see your teapot !!! (and your tea).

Nancy Kelly said...

I just bought that! We're doing Twelfth Night this term. Yay!
A tea is such a lovely way to start the school year.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Bonnie...I hope the tea was a success, and the winds did not cause any complications.

I always enjoy your art here. And I love the artwork on the cover of this book too...I recognize it because it is a painting I have downloaded a couple years ago...