Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wasn't it just lovely this morning!

Starfish by Winslow Homer.........missing the sandy edge

It was SO cool this morning
as Summer comes to an end.
School is beginning here in the
South. Not really in our home.
The boys have left to start a
new year. My daughter-in-law
begins a new grade teaching
English/ history : 7th grade.
Graduate school almost done
for her and for another son.
The youngest of five is in
HIGH SCHOOL. I can see the
end of the road!

Today we had breakfast at
The Flying Biscuit with two
young moms I've seen from high
school to college to marriage to
motherhood. One said " Emma,
get ahead and make your Senior
year " a Gap Year" . You'll get
to do the things that you want
to do and explore to see if you are
good at it ." Good advice for the
last one at home.


podso said...

It was such a nice day. Warm but signs of fall. Did you feel the earthquake?

Bonnie said...

No, I didn't. Did you?
Plus I think you know the young moms I was with!