Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Telling Stories

Sometimes in telling your
own story to your children,
you forget you haven't told this
one some-thing. That is what
happened today with Emma.
"You didn't tell me that?!!"
I won an essay scholarship to
Tobe CoburnFashion Merchandising
School in NYC on Madison Avenue my
Senior Year of college. So I spent
a "graduate" year in the Big Apple.
My childhood was spent on Long
Island and relatives still lived in
and out of the city so this was not
a huge leap. School paid for ; apt.
not but a year of living in the
Big Apple. Seems miles away

I remember in "One Thousand Gifts"
by Ann Voskamp how she said to
tell your children "your story."
I've started doing that in letters
and even birthday cards. Today
one story came out that really got a
surprised bright eyed look!

Plus I am still enthralled with
The Book of Dun Cow by
Walter Wangerin. If you were
in front of me, you would hear
how much in love I am with
Chauntecleer and want to jump
into the book!

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