Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emily Dickinson

Makoto Fujimura spoke about
Emily at the IAM Encounters
Conference in March. Her
hyphens..........and he said
he would write on her.
Here is the link to
Refractions 36: "The Hyphen
of the Sea"- A Journey with
Emily Dickinson, Part 1.

He writes:
The first chapter of this series of Refractions online will focus on Emily Dickinson's reading of Matthew six, in which Jesus addresses "consider the lilies."

Matthew :Consider the Lilies
Makoto Fujimura
Mineral pigments, Gold,
platinum, and sumi on
kumohada ~~~~ 60 layers
of finely pulverized minerals,
oyster shell white, and painted
with sumi ink that has been
cured for over a century,
as well as gold and platinum
powders, mixed with hide glue
to adhere the minerals to the
Japanese paper.


Amber Benton said...

Not related - but have you seen the fairly recent picture book My Uncle Emily? Beautiful pictures and some of her words... we enjoyed it.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you for sharing that, Bonnie. I read MK's link you gave I need him to teach me more about how to read a poem (I've never quite developed a love of poetry)...I'll visit his site again to continue his series on Emily.