Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What are you made of?

In a class discussion on Uncle Tom's Cabin, I asked what Eliza was made of? She escapes with her child who was sold, a very young child, and runs to Canada! Wherever that is!!! That is what tickled me. Run, Mama Bear! We all have that in us as mothers. Protection. Eliza comes to a frozen river and actually jumps supernaturally holding her young child. Supernaturally. She knows God has protected her and given her Michael Jackson leaps!

I asked the students What she was made of?
What are they made of?

Courage to face depressing days.
Fidelity to a friend who hurts you.
Kindness to see when someone is sitting alone.
Friendliness when someone needs a good word.

Dignity to those who are different.
Righteousness that cares for the broken hearted.
( It might be the person sitting right next to you.)
Truthfulness that helps build a soul.

Orthodoxy to Orthopraxy.
It might change culture.


melissa said...

Thanks for this!

walking said...

Orthopraxy! I love it! :-)

Danielle said...

Wouldn't I like to sit in on a discussion with you and your students!