Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you waking early for the Royal Wedding?

Emma is.
She figured out who
is who.... back to Queen
Victoria and King George VI
( The King's Speech), now
to the Prince!
We're getting up early!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I'm not sure....getting up early on the West Coast to see the Royal Wedding live means 1:00 am....! Though perhaps I will have a sleepless night and feel the need to watch some TV shortly after midnight....;-) If not, I will absolutely be watching the replay.

podso said...

Well you know I was invited to a wedding breakfast put on by some English friendsfor 5:30 am but have to work. I'm so disappointed, but I can watch a tad before I go to work ..since I'll be up. :-)

You and Emma enjoy it and be sure to sip some tea!

Unknown said...

I woke up early to take David to school for his senior trip (at 1:00 AM) and again at 6:45 AM to be one of the helpful parents organizing the FCA donut sale delivery . . .