Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been using a definition of an
epiphany from Luci Shaw:

showing, accompanied by light

That is what happens when some-
thing DAWNS on you. The morning
light: his mercies new every morning.
It happened today with orphaned
Socks ~~ capitalize all of that:
I'm determined.

Even after four sons have left home
( some not completely), I am still
finding their socks, well, one sock
to find the match.

Now with my daughter , the epiphany
( something that dawned on me)
is to just give HER all the orphaned
socks and perhaps the other one will
show up . Then she can feel the
satisfaction of putting them together.

What do you do?

Those who knit: a sock pattern without
using double pointed needles.
One day I will knit a pair.



Brenda Williams said...

The movie Gremlins came out when Amber and Davey were in their teens and we watched it, laughing at all the mischeif those little critters got into. Any time a sock came up missing afterward, we jokingly said the Gremlins took it. Maybe you should start looking for Gremlins rather than socks! :D If you really want to knit socks without double pointed needles, you should talk with Amber. She and I both use the magic loop method with one long circular needle; it keeps the Gremlins from absconding with your double points! I still think that they have a secret stash somewhere in my house that holds everything that has gone missing over the past decades: earrings, thimbles, bobbins, Amber's amethyst ring, guitar picks, and of course socks...

Bonnie said...

That is what I think too!
They don't have feet but seem to.