Friday, January 28, 2011

Because of today , tomorrow is ...

Stopping by The Cottage Yarn
Shop to get soft yarn for a baby
hat ( shower next weekend), I
looked at the fingerless glove
on the counter. As the conver-
sation continued , I signed up
for a class tomorrow morning
to learn to make them: double
pointed needles! Well , these
friends ( Amber and Beth) know
how to use those needles, I am
simple. Give me a chunky yarn
and my wonderful wooden German
size 15 needles from the Amish
country ( trip years ago ~~ best
needles I own and worth the price)
and I am happy. NOW I have to
have 4 needles with double points!
I do want to learn. Socks seem to
be calling this summer ~~ before
I get too old!

I did have one of those mornings
where the Lord had plans ~~ as
I finally found the coffee shop while
Emma was at Beth's
for Field Biology Class AND right
even before ordering , a lady came
up to me. After I realized I didn't know
her, she said I am a funky knitter.
You see I had my felted tote bag on
my shoulder! She inspired me so
much that I went to the yarn shop,
and now I'm going to a class.

You never know what a day holds!


Brenda Williams said...

learning new things keeps us young. have fun Bonnie. and be sure to take pictures so we can see.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Let me know how you do with those double pointed needles! I recently signed up for a class in March to learn how to make socks with five of those needles, size 3! Yikes!

Gail said...

So excited to hear about your class! Then you can teach me!! and make those cool mittens with the roving knit into them.

Diane said...

Isn't meeting random kindred spirits fun? Kudos for you for the knitting; I know how and have done several things, but I don't exactly enjoy it. I hope class was a blast!

Amber Benton said...

Oh, yay, friend. And how funnie to run into Connie when I sent you to Jackson's Java. Also funny that she called YOU a funky knitter - she's a very black kettle :)

Thank you for the dear note.