Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Digits

Ken and oldest son Bryan .......... College Graduation a few years
ago plus a few sons in the background walking in and a nephew
....lot of boys in this family!

We have a cloudy day here after
Spring like weather this past weekend
giving us Hope! Knitting was fun
on Saturday. I had tried to teach myself
how to knit on double points so this
was helpful. I will post what I'm making
as I finish. I did get a baby's hat finished
last night during Masterpiece Theater.
Are you watching?

Today's gratitude is for the gift to me
of a wonderful blessing: my husband.
He turns double digits today!
55. A Senior.
You always dream of
growing old together.
We are living
that dream!
Thank you Lord for Ken.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh yes, I'm watching Masterpiece Theatre....I was thinking it would all be resolved last night, but now they are in production for the next's difficult to wait that long!

podso said...

Double nickels --K doesn't look "that old" but of course it's not that old. Happy Birthday to your beloved. Yes, as Sara says, a long wait til things are settled there and we get questions answered.

walking said...

Happy Birthday Ken!!!!! I enjoy seeing pictures of your boys!