Friday, September 10, 2010

Start with flowers

That is
what my
friend was
doing after
her call.

"Do you want
to know how I

" I put a vase of flowers on the kitchen table
and start from there outward!"

That made me want to go help! ( she doesn't
live here )

" What kind do you have now?"

"Gerber daisies and I got some eucalyptus in
anogther vase to add scent. They will last.
I work OUT from the table."

What do you do to start ?


walking said...

Clearing off my piles so I can see the dust. Actually, Steve and David are pretty good about helping around the house. Pamela is pretty good about not making messes. So, the house is not in bad shape.

Unknown said...

I still have a hangup from the days when I did FlyLady, so I usually start with the sink.

Gail said...

I usually start with the vacuum......even a quick vacuuming makes everything seem clean! I DO love the flower idea. I'm organizing bedrooms, and every little thing that gets put in its proper place makes me feel so good!

Genuine Lustre said...

This is often how I start - haha! And making my bed.

Amber Benton said...

I start in the little ones room. It is a thoughtful colorful space and everything there has a place to go so it is usually easy. Plus the light there is wonderful and it just feels good to be in that room. It's always been that way for me - I seem to give the room with the best light to the baby - even when Jonathan was little. Then it's nice to be in and I used to just go there to sit and read...