Monday, September 6, 2010

Being Thankful

I will lift up
my eyes to the
My help comes
from the Lord.

Psalm 121

Catching up with Ann Voskamp
on her Gratitude MONDAYS:

Being in recovery from hip surgery
has given me lots of time to read
and write and think and heal and
to pray.
I'm so thankful for those who
brought me meals, kind letters,
emails, postcards, and have prayed
for me. My doctors include my baby
brother . I am one of 8 and he is a
PA Orthopaedist. One of the best.
Many of the other health care people
who cared for me commented that
they would not want a family member
"working" on them! I tend to disagree
for who is going to care for you better!
I well with tears as I think how much
this brother cares and loves me in how
he cared for me in the hospital
and at home ON the CELL phone.
I'm thankful for that technology!

I'm on my way to feeling younger.

"Thank you God for Jimmy. I marvel
at that. He is the particular doctor
I needed .
Thank you for giving me a Resurrection
experience in being able to walk without

holy experience

photo taken by my son Evan in
Denali National Park, Alaska


Nancy Kelly said...

I, too, am thankful that you had that "particular doctor". Keep healing, friend!

Amber Benton said...

Wonderful photo, Evan. Good incentive to be kind to your little brothers :) Love you!