Saturday, September 4, 2010


First outing IN to a store this
afternoon ( post-surgery):
Trader Joe's.
We ate these coming home.
Have you ever tried them?!!
We ate the whole package.

photos found here
She liked them too!


melissa said...

OK, so you all ate the whole package. The next question is..."how many of you were there?"

I say YUM! :)

podso said...

That's my only problem with TJs. It seems one can find something that needs to be eaten on the way home. The only store where I find that happening!

walking said...

Those look marvelously yummy!!! I can see why you just can't have one!

So glad that you are out and about!

Bonnie said...

There were 3 in the car and 2 more ate the rest in the driveway when we got home!That makes 5. My husband had 1. That leaves more for those of us with sweet tooths.

Amber Benton said...

We LOVE those!