Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New books: Luci Shaw and Wendell Berry

I just ordered these two
just published:

Harvesting Fog
by Luci Shaw
This is her 30th book:

New from Wendell Berry, that farmer , essayist,
fiction writer and poet. I love that he is a poet
most especially. Not sure why.
Here is a new one which you can tell by the title
what it is about, but with Berry, it is more than

What Matters?: Economics For A Renewed Commonwealth, Wendell Berry,  Herman Daly, 1582436061


podso said...

wow another one from Lucy!

Nancy Kelly said...

Do post your thoughts after you have read them. I'm reading the CLUSA conference discussion book, An Altar in the World. Have you read it yet?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Luci Shaw has written 30 books?? And I've only read two of them so far! Let me know how you like this one.

The Wendell Berry will be interesting, no doubt about that. I enjoy looking at the world from his perspective...it's such a different view from most. Refreshing and thought provoking.

tonia said...

oooh! good choices! i love them both!