Friday, May 14, 2010

Bubbles and Books

Wedding couple last
May 23 leaving
from the reception.

Guy in center is Gordan , blowing
bubbles , graduates high school.
Guy to the left: his brother up at App.State
where Gordan will go. Couple to the right:
my third oldest brother Stuart and his wife Sally.

I love the bubbles!
I'm done with teaching for the year!
Yeah. Our high school students
amazed us as they finished 40 Hour
Projects this week at an Evening
Presentation AND took the long final.
I graduate another son! I need to ask
him what books he would put on this
list. He has a wide interest and breadth
already of books. He just took Italo
Calvino's book ( just picked up from the
library) "Why Read the Classics?" up
to his room. I hope I get to read it!

For me , now that I can breathe and even
get to some gardening in the heat finally.
I started a list in my mind but not in order
of influence:

1. For the Children's Sake: Susan Macaulay
2. Orthodoxy: G.K. Chesterton
3. Francis and Edith Schaeffer
4. Luci Shaw's poems
5. Wendell Berry
6. CS Lewis
7. Elizabeth Goudge
8. new author and artist: Makoto Fujimura
( currently rereading and using with my lit. class)
9. George Grant, lectures and book lists and books
hmmm.....will rework this list and add, not delete
and see who else.

Why Read the Classics?

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podso said...

I sense your relief and celebration! Four sons educated! That's something you can be proud of and thank God for His abudant grace. I hope you get time for yourself a bit and enjoy the summer! Enjoyed the photos!