Monday, May 10, 2010

Late night Gratitude

Today is Monday and that is
Gratitude Monday. I started
thinking about this post during
the weekend.

I am thankful for the perseverance
of my son Brad at the Police Academy.
The past weeks he has been tazered,
pepper sprayed and today was the
big fight: against a 6'8", almost 300
pound policeman: for 4 minutes.
Brad is almost 6' 5"and felt like a midget.
He has a bruise on his forehead and
a small cut below his lip but he survived.

I'm thankful for the chivalry I saw in the
Cadets on Friday night as they ran 5K who
went back after crossing the finish line
as a squad to pick up the ones,fell behind
in the race. Not all are good runners!

On Mother's Day , we sang Praise to the Lord,
the Almighty in church. Years ago I could
hardly get through it with my eyes welling
with tears. That was THE song I burst out
with upon returning to my mother's bedroom
after her funeral. She had passed away in
her bed. I just started singing .
Noone was in there, but the
Presence of the Lord. SO who knew that on
Sunday at my church, on Mother's Day?


Unknown said...

What a bittersweet memory tied to a hymn, Bonnie. A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!

tonia said...

you must be very proud indeed! strong boys make a mamas heart swell, don't they? glad you had a lovely mother's day.

tonia @studyinbrown