Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thou Givest......They Gather

The Lord
direct your
hearts into the
love of God, and
into the patience
of Christ.
2 Thess. 3:5

Amy Carmichael writes in Thou
Givest....They Gather:

Is there ever a time in any life, that is
wholly laid on the altar, when these
words are not spirit and life? ( Way's
translation: May our Lord pilot your
hearts into the haven of the love of God;
into such calm patience as was Messiah's)

Then, vs. 16 of the same chapter:

"Now the Lord of peace Himself give
you peace always by all means",

"in all ways and at all seasons",

"always, under all conditions".

"continually, whatever comes."

Each rendering the force of prayer.
which is charged with effective power.*
PEACE ~~ how the word finds us where
we are ~~ peace under all conditions.
May that blessed word be fulfilled in
us all this day....

* prayer being charged with power!

(photo by Emma)

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Gail said...

Beautiful words, and a beautiful picture, Emma!