Monday, April 26, 2010

Being Blessed right in front of my eyes

As children grow up , more things
come in the way of a family sitting
down and playing a game. We do that
on vacation but not so much now as
when they were younger. Most of my
children can beat me at Scrabble , even
when they were young. It also was
something we would do when school
days became frustrating and we just
needed to do something different for
a morning or afternoon! SO when
Gordan, who is 18 , said "Let's play
Scrabble out on the porch after dinner,"
I was blessed.

I did win both games too.
Just a fluke as Gordan beat me at age 11
and I didn't even let him win.

The ones not playing came out to help.
There's something contagious about
wanting to find a new word.

There's something contagious about
thinking about Gratitude every Monday.
Read Ann's blog who started it all!
Join if you have a blog.

JOY . That's what it was.
Surprised me.

holy experience

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