Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Filled ....

We are trying to describe today:

my husband : the sky was blue but
on the horizon , grey and black clouds
were gathering. Meetings filled his day
at home ( he works for the Big Blue from
home) so we saw him a little bit.

Emma: filled with people.
We had a poetry class today, high school
students here for the Humanities class,
she sang at a nursing home and then
had an End of the Year Party for the choir.

Me: I laughed at Edward Lear.
We read The Jumblies, then The Dong with
the Luminous Nose. Well, there at the start
of my day, were the Jumblies IN the next
poem. Wow. How did that work out so well?
A friend read from Julie Andrew Edward's
book ( which is so funny like Edward Lear)
The Last of the Great Whangdoodles.
Very funny and feed the imagination.
Thanks, Anita!
AND it is near to the end of our study of
Christendom in the Humanities Class.
It is a hard curriculum and I still love using
it and teaching from it. We lose one of our
teachers next year who is moving back to
Franklin.( Anita will take her place!!)
Here is a great quote from today's
lecture on the Founders and the Classics:

"A classic is a book that has never quite finished
what it has to say." Italo Calvino

The skies did rain and the day filled with rain
off and on.Up in Boone, Evan said snow up in the higher

BRAD: got tazed today. YIKES. ( in the
Police Academy). Pepper sprayed later in the

Painting: Breton Children Reading
by Emile Vernon


podso said...

Your household had a busy day, just like the weather. And that picture is pefect!

Nancy Kelly said...

Very nice. Thank you for telling us about all the things you thought about. I'll be looking up a few things now...