Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Pile of Books and Tea

Emma and I picked up two stacks
of books at the library this afternoon.
"Are all of those for us?"
So we have a cup of Sugar Plum Tea,
homemade pumpkin bread (given to us)
warmed with whipped cream,
and our noses in our books.
In the background :Awake my Soul
by the Gettys. I'm practicing my
Irish brogue to say that how she says it.

I started a children's book called
The Mouse Butcher
that makes me giggle. Now that we have
sweet Oreo the cat world intrigues us.
She sure is cute. I got books off of Jerram
Barr's Book List.
He is at Covenant Seminary, L'Abri worker,
and if you ever get to hear him in person,
don't miss him. I have learned alot under
his teaching and from his books, in
particular Being Human cowritten with
Ranald Macaulay.

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