Friday, November 27, 2009

Our List of 100

Ann Voscamp, Holy Experience
has her Multidude Mondays:
listing to 100o what you are grateful
for. That stuck in my mind Thanks-
giving morning to find an empty
journal and set it out. Number to
100 and have all 8 of us write. We
got to about 70, so today when
Evan left for Boone and then back
by our city (taking a "foreigner" she
calls herself to Columbia, SC ~~ a
visiting South African music teacher
who is going to speak at universities
during her summer break plus his
girlfriend who was in South Africa
last summer)( long story
to follow!) STOPPED BY. So they added
to the list. Isn't that cool. Glad there
was more to list. Guess what the music
teacher put! Yes, indeed , music.

We are up to 93.
The weekend is not over. Doesn't it
seem like Saturday today!!!

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