Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Books and books

Dr. George Grant was asked to talk
about books and here is the stack
he showed us. I've read many of them
but do have some new ones to find. He
also made me want to reread Schaeffer.
Start with him as the easiest and each is
a disciple of the previous. Thus Schaeffer was
a student of Frame, Van Til, etc....back to
Abraham Kuyper. All the men who influenced

Francis Schaeffer's Trilogy:
The God Who is There
Escape from Reason
He is there and He is not Silent

Being Human by Ranald Macaulay and
Jerram Barrs

The Doctrine of the Christian Life by John Frame
plus his book on The Doctrine of God

The Defense of the Faith by Cornelius Van Til
( others by him)

The Calvinistic Concept of Culture
by Henry Van Til

The Doctrine of God by Herman Bavink

Abraham Kuyper: Centennial Reader

Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper

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