Friday, July 17, 2009

A Dozen years ago

a family
of 4 boys
and an
earlier loss of a girl. God was merciful
to us because I had lost a baby ( female) at
3 months pregnancy. We found out from some
tests that she had Downs Syndrome.
We rejoice that our Emma came
to us without any complications, 12
years ago today within a year of that

And the doughnuts are about gone!
On to the party this afternoon.
Last night was Harry Potter's new movie.
I loved the scene where Hermine shelves
books in the library. She lifts the book
in the air and it magically shelves
itself! Oh my, how would housework
be with that! She seemed to be working
though! She is a deep thinker in her
character as her mind is always at work.


walking said...

How exciting!!! I hope she had a lovely day!! We are going to see the HBP today . . .

melissa said...

Bless your girl, I thought she was older. :) Hope the birthday was wonderful. Like the doughnuts story, but they lasted WAY too long!

Kermit and Elektra said...

Happy Birthday to Emma!

Love, Kelly