Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thinking about the Gratitude
Community today amidst prayers
for those out of work , health issues,
our children's lives and plans, and
the Word of God sustaining.

This week brought news of
two cars given to the
need of when a transmission died.
I told that friend to SING when she
looks at the cars. Amazing grace.

Another friend is out of work and
has a free townhouse to live in for
whenever the job comes. It hasn't come
yet, yet all her needs are taken care of.
Amazing grace.

I'm thankful for fortitude given to
each to stand strong.

Amy Carmichael writes about "Mr.
Standfast" by John Buchan:
" One of the men here was speaking
about that kind ( courage that keeps on
when there's no fun nor profit, that never
lets go when your insides are empty,
trouble's not over in an hour or two but
lasts for months and years)
and he called it 'FORTITUDE.'
I reckon fortitude's the biggest thing
a man can have ~~just to go on
enduring when there's
no gut or heart left in you.
And Peter went on enduring , nourished
by the strong meat he found in his two
only books, his Bible and his Pilgrim's
Progress; and he wins through
and makes a gallant end."