Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chopping, slicing and mixing

Preparing food to take to
GA this weekend for my
husband's mother's birthday.
You know when you try a new
recipe you hope it tastes as good
as it looks in the cookbook. I have
two good looking cookbooks from
the library: Dinner at My Place
by Tyler Florence. Guess he has
a cooking show and I loved reading
this book. He loves food and life.
The other is The Sweeter Side
of Amy's Bread. This is from a
famous bakery in NYC. Emma and
I are making a Choc. Cake that has
white icing and mini choc. chips on it.
It's on the cover. I asked Emma to find
a recipe she would like to eat!

There it is! Not sure ours will look so
pretty but we will frost it in the morning
with high hopes.

Made the Savoy Coleslaw with Cilantro
from Tyler's cookbook. Will post it
another time when it's not near midnight!
Time on the bottom is wrong!

Dinner at My Place

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