Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joy to the Heart

We sang Joy to the Heart again this morning
in worship. Certainly I will be singing this
throughout the week . It has stayed in my
mind as great joy. That was what the TEA was.
Photos to come.There was a taste of eternity and that great joy as friends and family gathered to share blessings and deep prayers
for my son and his bride to be!

Joy to the Heart by K. Lee Scott

Look there! The Christ, our Brother, comes resplendent from the gallows tree and what he brings in his
hurt hands is life on life for you and me.

Joy! Joy! Joy to the heart all in this good day’s dawning!

Good Jesus
Christ inside his pain looked down Golgotha’s stony slope and let the blood flow from his flesh to fill the
springs of living hope.

Good Jesus Christ, our Brother, died in darkest hurt upon the tree to offer us the

worlds of light that live inside the Trinity.

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