Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ted Kooser and Wendell Berry

commented that Ted
Kooser's name came to mind
when she looked at Wendell Berry's
books in the library. Both are farmers.
Both are poets and essayists. Both care
deeply for place, the land, and family.
Both write about traditions being lost.
Ted Kooser was Poet Laureate in
2005, I am waiting for Berry to be bestowed
this honor!

From Watch with Me by Berry:

" It was a fine morning in August, dewy
and bright; the Katy's Branch valley was
still covered with a shining cloud of fog.
It was 1916 and a new kind of world was in
the making on the battlefields of France,
but you could not have told it, standing on
Cotman Ridge with that dazzling cloud lying
over Goforth in the valley, and the woods
and the ridgetops looking as clear and clean
as Resurrection Morning. Birds were singing."

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