Friday, December 5, 2008

The Blue Hills

by Elizabeth Goudge.
I read two chapters this
morning to my Emma. I've
read it before and want to
be taken to England at the turn
of the last century.

" For the period of this story is
at the beginning of the present
century, and in those days the
world was often silent and sleepy,
and not he bustling noisy place
that it is today."

"In the Cathedral city of Torminster
life was regulated by the feasts and
fasts of the Churc......Deep inside
him he felt that it was good to come
back to a place where the passing of
time was marked by the chiming
of bells and the singing of psalms."

This is Henrietta, age 10, who is the
main character. She'll reappear in
other Goudge books. Absolutely
gives you the sense of jumping into
that dear English village , a bit like

Hard to find.....79.00 was the lowest
price I just found. Keep yours if you
own it! Read it again too.


walking said...

Oh, how wonderful!!!!

I just finished part I of the three parts in Gentian Hills by Elizabeth Goudge. So, far, it is wonderful and I have dog-eared three different pages that had wonderful passages!

Bonnie said...

Yes, she loved words and I love
living in her worlds she creates!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh, lucky you. This is one of the few of EG's books that I've never read....I must go looking for it!